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3 She appears in the 2017 film. Wonder Woman in the supporting role of the Amazon. Artemis. Contents Personal life edit Wolfe grew up in Oberlin, Louisiana and spent part of her childhood in Pittsburgh. She moved from Oberlin to Austin Texas in 1996 with.

6. Professional career edit Wolfe made her professional debut by beating Brenda Lee Bell by a four round decision. Her first and only career loss came four fights later, when she was knocked out in three rounds by veteran and future world champion. Valerie Mahfood.

WIBA Light Middleweight title. She then proceeded to beat Shirvelle Williams by knockout in one round on a non title bout. 9 Next was the vacant IFBA world Super Middleweight title, which she picked up by knocking out Marsha Valley in six rounds. She and.

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17 On August 20, 2005, she fought and defeated Valerie Mahfood for the second time, by a ten round decision. 18 Retirement edit Wolfe last fought in 2006, knocking out Cassandra Giger and decisioning Lisa Ested. 19 Since then, she has indicated that she is.

Ward was taken to the hospital in serious condition due to damage to her neck and head, but she recuperated. This bout was nationally televised from Biloxi, Mississippi and television commentators called it "the best knockout punch. in a women boxing match". 15 Later career.

11 Wolfe vs. Ward edit On May 8, 2004, 12 she emulated Henry Armstrong 's record of three world titles at the same time in different weight classes, by gaining the IBA world Light Heavyweight championship, knocking out undefeated champion and former NCAA basketball star.

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