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I cant imagine these booties even fitting on a chihuahua they are so small. I would have ordered a bigger size but they were sold out. The construction and material looked really good. Wish I got to try them out. Feb 7, 2019 Written By.

Keep your poochs paws warm and protected with Wellies. Rain Dont fear puddles this rainy season. Make a splash and keep your poochs paws dry with Wellies. Mud. Dont let muddy paws make a mess of your home. Keep your poochs paws and your floors.

The flexible silicone dog boot that is easy to put on, stays on, and is comfy for your pup 95 reviews Protect your pup's paws from rain, snow, salt and mud with Wellies boots. Waterproof Shell Flexible and Comfortable Easy-on Design Secured With Strap. Wellies.

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I agree with one reviewer that the back paws could be a size down for sure! Feb 11, 2019 Written By: Loralee Dyck Perfect! These boots stay on so well its amazing, even running through deep snow we havent lots one! The quality is excellent.

Those things are not easy, so I am excited to find a set like these Wellies. My dogs wear boots regularly in winter, and I tried so many kinds of boots. The material is soft and light. Just because they are silicone, they wont fit.

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