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Madison 26 yo

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JEONGSEON, SOUTH KOREA Everything was going according to how Lindsey Vonn envisioned her race. Her start was fast. She was skiing aggressively. She felt strong. I was like, Yes, I got this,  she thought to herself. I knew I had to focus all the way.

I thought it would either be really great or really bad, Vonn said of her race. And it didnt quite turn out the way I had hoped. I just made one mistake and that cost me a medal. A devastating knee injury forced Vonn to.

Safety is the top priority, but officials also want to create a fair race. They want to avoid skiers potentially gaining an advantage by having a strong wind at their back. The compressed schedule ended American phenom Mikaela Shiffrins bid to compete in five events.

Lillian 24 yo

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Her run shocked everyone, including her. She turned to someone and said, How did that happen? Skiing in the 26th position a spot from which winners rarely emerge Ledecka, 22, completed the run of her young life, winning by a hundredth of a second over.

It was a really quick turn and I had good speed coming in, she said. I think I just may have released my ski a little bit too early. The race was delayed one hour because of high winds at the top of the gondola.

She has two races left here: downhill and the combined. Vonn was the first racer on the course Saturday. She tied for the fastest start time of the field but her mistake at the bottom kept her off the podium. At the finish line, she.

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