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Victoria 26 yo

Abigail 23 yo

If you see her, run. Shes basically a terrorist on the prowl for victims. Dont be her next one. The only thing worse than her would be nuclear winter, sarin gas, or Jihadists. m/?p2300484 THE DIRTY ARMY : This is Alison also goes by Ali.

Ive heard so much about her before I found out she was fuking my man. Like she didnt know who her baby daddy was and that she fuks in the strip club for the low. Well turns out she met my dude on FB and.

Shes Florida-native, the flattest state in the USA, i.e. no mountains to climb. Her only skill is talking trash, abusing people, and smoking weed all day. She verbally assaults everyone in her vicinity. Shes an actual piece of human garbage. She destroys everything she touches.

Charlotte 21 yo

Sofia 24 yo

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Ali started doing drugs and trying to act tough since middle school, shes now an adult and the b1tch hasnt matured one bit. Ali was literally scared of everyone in high school but now picks on little kids/joins all drama. Ali you are a bummy.

THE DIRTY ARMY : Shes a pathological liar, nearly every word out of her filthy mouth is either bigoted, racist, abusive, a lie, or has some ulterior motive behind it. She cant suck d1ck, its like shes never seen a penis in her life. Shes.

Shes always trynna get back with her ex Dylan and IS ENGAGED TO ME she thinks shes the sh1t but really just a bummy a55 b1tch who begs for everything LOL she will post anything about other people but once she gets exposed she goes crying like b1tch go cut some more and get raped no one wants you. m/?p2300240.

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