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Åkerman appeared in the 2009 romantic comedy film The Proposal, starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in the lead roles. 42 Åkerman played a supporting role as Gertrude, the ex-girlfriend of Reynolds' character. 43 Although the film received mixed reviews, it went on to gross.

But I think it was an advantage that they split up when I was very young, so I could get used to it." 3 She visited her father in Falsterbo, Sweden, during school breaks and talked to him regularly over the phone. 8 9 She.

13 Before the Entourage episodes aired, she landed a role in the 2007 comedy film The Brothers Solomon. 18 The film was a box office bomb and received largely critical reviews. 19 20 Åkerman signed up for a role opposite Ben Stiller in the comedy.

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3 Four years later she returned to modelling after being discovered by Ford Models in a shopping mall in St. Catharines. 3 9 She was signed to the agency and later won a contract with skincare company Noxzema. 9 She soon moved to Toronto while.

3 After her mother remarried, they moved to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. 5 Later in her teenage years, her mother divorced again. 4 Åkerman attended many different schools, 6 including Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in St. Catharines, Ontario. 7 She once attended a Catholic school, though.

33 Åkerman stated that her character carries the emotion of the film as she is the only woman among several men. 34 Premiering in February 2009, the film received generally favourable reviews, 35 and was a commercial success, grossing 185 million clarification needed worldwide. 36.

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