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7 8 Those contracts, argues Farah, contain antidemocratic provisions that weaken debate formats and exclude third-party challengers. 9 10 Through his investigative work, Farah managed to secure copies of the 1992, 19 contracts and made them public for the first time, spurring criticism of the.

50 He has published opinion pieces in newspapers encouraging adoption of living wage legislation. 23 In addition, Farah has filed lawsuits seeking damages on behalf of those who were allegedly deprived of fair wages. He has represented dairy farmers in class actions against processors that.

38 Al-Jazeera retained Farah to provide on-site analysis of the presidential debates in 2012. 39 Farah has also been interviewed on hundreds of radio shows, including NPR's All Things Considered, 40 WNYC 's The Brian Lehrer Show, 41 Democracy Now!, 42 and CounterSpin. 43 Farah.

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He volunteered as counsel for Tenants and Workers United to support their affordable housing campaign; served as a Trustee of the Hopkins House, which provides education programs to children from low-income families; and volunteered as a regional coordinator for MoveOn. org to facilitate the election.

48 Farah was previously a partner at the law firm Cohen Milstein Sellers Toll. Before that, he worked at The Center for the Study of Responsive Law, where he researched the commercial influence on political talk shows and the impacts of the IMF's structural adjustment.

Magazine, 28 and The Las Vegas Review-Journal. 29 Farah has been interviewed on over 50 television programs to discuss presidential elections, Supreme Court decisions, and Middle East conflicts. He has appeared on ABC's Nightline, 30 PBS's NOW with Bill Moyers, 31 ABC's 20/20, 7 CNN's.

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