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The band cited Rancid, Social Distortion, and The Clash as influences for the album. The Young and the Hopeless debuted at number seven on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 117,000 copies. 31 By August 2003, the album had sold over 2 million copies.

29 Members of Mest, New Found Glory and Linkin Park appear in the video. 30 The Young and the Hopeless (20022003) edit 2002's The Young and the Hopeless sold 4.9 million copies and thrust the band into mainstream popularity. The band's breakthrough single, titled ".

3 A Sony Music employee passed along the band's demo to regional promotion manager Mike Martinovich. He was impressed by the group's writing ability and the autobiographical nature of the songs. 3 He contacted talent manager Steve Feinberg, who flew Annapolis to witness the group.

Mia 23 yo

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44 The album was certified gold in France 45 and Sweden, 46 platinum in Australia 47 and the UK, 48 and double platinum in Canada. 49 Around this time, The Used were aware that Good Charlotte were in need of a drummer, and introduced them.

8 The band began building a buzz by performing at the WHFS -hosted HFStival in 1998, 2 and earning support slots for Blink-182, Lit and Bad Religion. 9 In 1999, the group opened for Save Ferris in Philadelphia. After the performance, they left a demo.

Each had major success of MTV's Total Request Live. 31 As of 2011, it had sold over 3.5 million copies in the US. 33 The album reached number 18 and 104 on the Billboard 200 year-end charts in 20, respectively. 34 35 The album charted.

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