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Local celebrity Famed courtesan and poet Veronica Franco was living in a house nearby when summoned by the. Inquisition in 1580. Opening times Never - long deconsecrated, the building's last reported planned use was (yawn) to be converted to an art gallery. Vaporetto San Zaccaria.

The pig being the emblem of this saint, the monks at the attached monastery kept a herd of pigs that were allowed to wander so unchecked that a sumptuary edict was passed in 1409 to limit their unruly rootlings. The first certain documentation dates to.

Lost art The Deposition by Lazzaro Bastiani (originally from the nearby, now demolished, church of San Severo ) was transferred here, then taken from here to the nearby church of San Giovanni Battista in Bragora. Saints John and Luke by Giambattista Tiepolo painted for this.

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Byron wrote about the episode in a letter to J.C. Hobhouse, and a local poet called Pietro Buratti used the episode to satirise the then Austrian government of Venice in an epic poem of more than 800 verses, making the elephant a symbol of persecuted.

Opening times In June 2010 Sant'Antonin reopened, after being closed for 28 years, and having undergone restoration work. Visits are pre-booked only. You'll find the announcement and booking information on the Patriarchs' website here (but the button to translate the site into English still doesn't.

The odd elephant story In 1817 an elephant broke its chains on the Riva degli Schiavoni and ran amok up and down alleys, terrorising Venice for a whole day. It was finally cornered after it broke into Sant'Antonin and made a barrier of pews using.

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