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Emily 26 yo

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You were only instrumentalists, how did you find your singer, Rodney Justo? Rodney was the original lead singer in the Candymen with Roy Orbison. He was a great lead singer and could sing like everybody from Tom Jones to the Beatles. He was really good.

Later we developed into making our own music and got a record deal with ABC Paramount Records in New York. We came very close to moving to London and signing with a company owned by Graham Nash and Ron Richards. When the Beatles were recording.

When I was in the Candymen we would tour all over the world and come back home and play clubs all over Dixie. One group that impressed me more than any was the Allman Joys. Duane and Greg had something that you just knew would.

Evelyn 22 yo

Natalie 20 yo

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He left to work in New York with Steve Tyrell (B.J. Thomas' manager) and artists like Stevie Marriot and Humble Pie as a tour manager. "Back Up Against the Wall" was out in 1973, when Lynyrd Skynyrd released "Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd". Did you know them.

I think my last answer pretty much covers that. How and why the Atlanta Rhythm Section went on to Polydor? After two albums with MCA (Decca) we just felt like we weren't getting what we needed in promotion and tour support to break through. MCA/Sounds of the South had Skynyrd and although we.

Our first major break through radio/fanwise was the "A Rock and Roll Alternative" album. Because of the single "So Into You". Consequently the touring dollars radio airplay and everything else translated into success. Of these two discs Editor's note: the two firsts, it seems to.

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