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35 In the same year, he was removed from a George W. Bush rally at Bayport Industrial District, Texas. Jones interrupted governor Bush's speech, demanding that the Federal Reserve and Council on Foreign Relations be abolished. Journalist David Weigel, reporting on the incident, said Jones.

18 30 As a teenager, he read conservative journalist and conspiracy theorist Gary Allen 's anti-Semitic book None Dare Call It Conspiracy, 31 which had a profound influence on him and which he calls "the easiest-to-read primer on The New World Order". 32 After high.

I could have handled it better." 46 On September 8, 2007, he was arrested while protesting at 6th Avenue and 48th Street in New York City. He was charged with operating a megaphone without a permit. Two others were also cited for disorderly conduct when.

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72 In August 2017, Californian medical company Labdoor, Inc reported on tests applied to six of Jones' dietary supplement products. These included a product named Survival Shield, which was found by Labdoor to contain only iodine, and a product named Oxy-Powder, which comprised a compound of magnesium oxide and citric acid; common ingredients in dietary supplements. Labdoor indicated no evidence of prohibited.

In 1998, Jones organized a successful effort to build a new Branch Davidian church, as a memorial to those who died during the 1993 fire that ended the government's siege of the original Branch Davidian complex near Waco, Texas. 38 He often featured the project.

42 On July 15, 2000, Jones infiltrated the Cremation of Care, 43 which he called "a ritualistic shedding of conscience and empathy" and an "abuse of power". 44 In 2001, his show was syndicated on approximately 100 stations. 37 After the 9/11 attacks, Jones began.

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